Float Tube Zander fishing Time!

The first cold winter days are starting to arrive. This means the best time for Zander Fishing has started. Many Zander are swimming up the gravel pit that are in connexion with the river. These big lake style waters are perfect to deploy the float tube and float tube fishing in common. Team member Herbert did a great job today, from his Float Expert Pro Belly Boat he managed to catch many larger Zander.

Heavy duty gear

To stay out longer in cold conditions and make the difference you need some serious gear. Heated socks, high- end Waders and thermal clothing. Also a Floattube with Higher seat position is important. The most flat tubes have a inflatable seat and bottom. This is in most circumstance’s enough. When you want to be more secure and preventing to get wet unnecessary you better choose I float tube with bigger Tube diameter and more length. These Belly boats are higher on the water and have a lot more buoyancy