Hummingbird FishFinders

The Hummingbird Fishfinders are an excellent choice for Floattube fishing. Compact and versatile device’s with tons of features. They are relative lightweight compared to other depth sounders. Starting with the Helix 5 Series. These are price worth devices and come in different models, you can choose for the standard SONAR G2 model with 2D resolution or the DI G2 with more advanced Down Imaging. The two models are also available with GPS for Chart, marking spots and make navigating easier.

Helix 5 G2 DI GPS
Helix 5 with SONAR

Mounting your fishfinder

There are RAM mounts for all Hummingbird fish finders models! To get the best possible fit and to position the device on your floattube optimally. In combination with FASTen Borika Mounts it was never so easy to attach and secure your Float Tube accessories!

Fasten BASE [PVC]
RAM Mount Ram-B-202-153 Hummingbird HELIX 5
RAM Base For HELIX 5 Series FishFinders
RAM 1.5'' ball for fish finder
RAM 1” Ball
Fasten to RAM adapter
FASTen to RAM Adapter
RAM-B-201U-C Socket Arm voor 1" balls, lengte 15cm
RAM Clamp 15 CM (also available in 9cm)