fasten action cam & camera mounts

All Fasten Camera mount feature a GoPro adapter and a standard 1/4 thread to accept any camera or action cam from all brands. The Camera boom is full adjustable in lengte and can rotate as wel as tilting 180 degrees.

belly boat camera mount

With the belly boat camera boom you get the best out of your camera or action cam. Setting the correct angle is extremely easy with the full adjustable features of the camera mount your can produce better and dynamic video’s. The camera boom is compatible with all fasten borika base locks like Fs219

Phone Holder RAM – Fasten

A high quality belly boat phone holder is a must have for any boat fisher. The RAM Fasten universal Phone holder is durable and rigid. Your phone stays in place even when the water is rough. RAM mount for phones are the best on the market. In combination with the Clamp- arm and Fasten Borika adapter it is super easy to install on your belly boat!