Elling Optimus Max 2020

elling belly boat

For many current owners the Elling belly boat optimus max is not just a ordinary float tube. The first time you unpack and inflate this bellyboat you instantly experience it is all about quality and extreem craftsmanship. In this article we explain some of the Unique features of this product and why it stands out from any other float tube on the market.

Handmade elling belly boat in Europe

Elling is a Ukrainian company that produces high quality Inflatable boats for decades. They’re experience in the boating world is very much appreciated and know of its outstanding craftsmanship. The Elling Float Tubes are produced out of reinforced 5 Layer PVC with a density of 950gr/m2. This ensures a diffusion closed barrier, better protection and UV resistance.

Welded Seams

Most bellyboats have glued seams and glued reinforcements like bumpers and finishing trim. In all circumstances and with the increasing quality of pvc glue this production technique is more then sufficient. However, we see more and more bellyboat manufacturers shifting towards a different production technique that is called Welding. Some bellyboats are partially welded along the main seams for instance or show some kind of bonding technique applied that looks like a combination of glueing and welding. The Elling Optimus Max is completely welded to achieve durable and extremely long lasting seams like ever before. Not only will welded seems be more durable, they also look optically a lot better!

Borika Air Valves

Air Valves on an Inflatable boat are extremely important, they are contain a mechanical part that needs to perform under any weather and temperature condition and at the same time withstand al the air pressure. The Valves on each of the Optimus Belly Boat Five air chambers are the same you will find on 8 meter long luxury Rib Boats. Borika membranes are tested and deployed in the most extreem conditions. They maintain the tubes pressure, produced out of Military Grade PU and are user friendly.

Safety and Ease of Use

All Elling Belly Boats have 5 separate air chambers. This provides a higher safety standard and also increases the balans. The seat is optimally positioned and the low weight ensures that maneuvering is a breeze. This boat is very easy to steer with Fins but there is more….

Maximum Equipment

To get you as fast as possible on the water, Elling provided the Optimus Max with a bunch of accessories. The Belly Boat comes with preinstalled FASTen Borika Rib Ports, Paddles, Front Net, two Rod Holders and Anker Clamp. Even a FishFinder Platform and Transducer Rod is included! To make transportation easier two Carry straps are provided and also a Carry Bag. Optionally there is a Mounting Bracket Available to install a Trolling Motor.