Belly Boat Accessories for the demanding Float tube Fishermen.

Accurately selected belly boat accessories from leading brands. Offering the unlimited possibilities to outfit your float tube. Fasten rig ports are easy to glue onto you PVC belly boat with the high grade Bengar PVC glue. A wide range of adapters to combine different mounting systems from RAM, Fasten and Scotty.

Custom Accessories Bellyboottuning

To meet the demands of our customers we, at Bellyboottuning, offer a smal custom program of tailored parts to outfit and tune your belly boat even further. These parts include; Fasten compatible Float Tube Bags, extra long Side Rail with transducer arm extension and even custom build transport wheels for float tubes.

Belly Boat Spare Parts

Need a spare part? The Bengar float tube spare parts offer high pressure valves, pumps and repair kits. Also puncture’s are professionally repaired with the Bengar repair kit and one component pvc glue. Furthermore for faster deployment we offer high capacity belly boat foot pumps up to 7 Liters!