Lightweight Energie Source

The ultra low weight lithium battery for belly boat are the perfect power supply for Fish Finders, heated socks and other peripherals. Moreover, supplied with high grade Anderson mini connector. Optional Charger is required for lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion Outdoor Case Plug & Play

Lithium battery for belly boat and rubber boats. Very lightweight, small and energie dens. Perfect power source for Fishfinders and trolling motors. Build in high quality PELI case and therefore water and dust proof. Also compatible with any type of 12V Trolling motors. Supplied with original Anderson SB50 Connector for your electric trolling motor.

Lithium Battery with Integrated Controller and Wireless Remote

Belly boat batteries with build in motor stepless controller en wireless remote control. The TTX-R models (37Ah, 53Ah and 60Ah) are fully standalone and ultra compact systems. Convenient control your trolling motor from the palm of your hand with the supplied wireless remote. Therefore these systems convert any trolling motor to fully stepless one! The Lithium Batteries with integrated wireless stepless control, need the special lithium-ion charger. TTX-R is compatible with adapted Trolling Motors.