Customizable Float Tube

The Float Expert bellyboats are designed by anglers demanding a better solution for customization. This Float tube has a larger surface so you can attach more accessories. Best of all, you can glue the rig ports for rod holders, fish finders in the location of you choice. Decide weather you want standard nylon tube bags, EVA bags or even a Pelican Case. Of course you can decide not to mount the bag at all when you want to go fly fishing from the Float tube. Any setup or configuration is possible with the Float Expert Pro 170 Black float tube!

Higher buoyancy

Thanks to larger Tube diameter, longer tubes, wider bottom and seat on the Float Expert Bellyboats the buoyancy is unprecedented. Load capacity can even be raised when using the optional Peli Tube case’s.


Rugged 5.9mm PVC bottom guarantees strong resistance to tear then any other Float tube. Furthermore it offers wider and thicker protective strip around the side of the Bellyboat for more safety. Also the tube- ends are equipped with 5mm protective caps so it can be stored upright

Prepared for Trolling motor mount

The Float Expert Pro Bellyboat is ready for installing a Trolling motor in seconds! The mounting pads are already installed. The compatible Bellyboottuning motor mount can be ordered separate after and is included in the Plus version of the Float Expert Pro.