Tube Bags with FASTen

Bellyboat tube bags need to stay on your bellyboat. After all they contain your precious fishing gear and you don’t want to loose them. Also ideally you want them to have waterproof properties keep your gear dry and protected. Standard bags that come with most bellyboats are not waterproof. Often they are attached with inferior velcro and plastic clips that dry out over time and crack.

Superior Bellyboat Bag Solution

To overcome all these inconveniences we at Bellyboottuning developed a special Fasten compatibel mounting bracket. Waterproof Daiichiseiko EVA bags and Peli Cases can be mounted in seconds. All that is needed are two Fmp-224 Rib-ports from Fasten. No velcro or clips needed. The mounting system is solid as a house and the bags ore cases can’t fall off.

Dual Purpose

When the bags or one Bellyboat Bag is not used the Fasten Rib ports can be used to place other Fasten accessories like rod holder and or fish finders. This can be handy when you want to travel light or go Fly Fishing from your Belly Boat. The slots can also be removed completely. Special caps are available to cover the rib port slots so fishing lines don’t get stuck behind them when casting during fly fishing.