Lithium-ion OUTDOOR BOX Waterproof

Lithium battery trolling motor. The all new OUTDOORCELLS Portable are specially designed for harsh environments. Equipped with BLUE SEA SYSTEM components that are saltwater and waterproof. With capacities up to 100AH and safe voltage for your trolling motor, the OUTDOORCELLS Portables deliver efficient power to your 12v Electric Outboard. Compatible with Trolling Motors up to 80Lbs (12V). Moreover it is possible to connect inverters and other 12V Sources like Fridges and Compressors.

Lithium-ion Power means More Lifespan

Lithium Batteries last longer than conventional Lead Acid Batteries. A high quality Lithium battery can be charged and discharged over 3000X times! Also discharging 100% is no problem. Lead Acid batteries loose capacity over time were lithium batteries keep capacity, even after many years and cycles. The OUTDOORCELLS Portables use a intelligent BMS that monitors and protects the Lithium cells agains deep discharge and over charging. The BMS protects agains Short Circuit and over current. To keep track of the used energy during a boat trip the OUTDOORBOX comes with an iOS Android App for your smart phone. Providing all the info real time. Showing how many current the Trolling Motor draws from the battery in Amp and Watt.

Portable and Lightweight Lithium Battery Trolling Motor

Moreover the OUTDOORCELLS Portables extremely lightweight and compact. The volume to weight to energiedensity its amazing. For instance: a 12V 60Ah OUTDOORCELLS Pro Box only weights 3.5Kg! For easy transport the Peli Case features a handle. Portables come in 4 different colors and also three different capacities.