Fish Finder models and Features

Fish Finders from Hummingbird Gen2 and Gen3 are a perfect choice for predator fishing. These advance and powerful sonar devices output high quality and clear images of the bottom structure. Models with gps helps to locate and navigate to earlier saved hot spots! For even more detailed images the models with Down Scan provide a perfect 3D scan of the bottom. You can identify trees, vegetation, and even underwater structures.

Bellyboat Fish Finder

Wether you fish from a boat or from your bellyboat, the Hummingbird range contains alway the appropriate device that fits your style of fishing. Available from 5” inch up to ”11 inch with tons of feature to choose from there is aways a device that meets your expectation!

fish finder


Mounting the Unit and Transducer

Also check out the various mounting options for fish finders HERE . Choose from the different options from RAM, FASTen or Scotty. Or combine the different mounting systems of you choice.