Lithium Batteries Fish Finder

Powerful, waterproof and lightweight Batteries to power your Fish Finder. A must have for any Belly Boat or Kayak Angler. There are many different Fish Finders on the market today. Some consume a lot of power while others consume little. For example, a 5″ depth sounder consumes less power than a 7 Inch fish finder and a 10” Inch fish finder consumes more power than a 7” or 9” inch device. Moreover the functions of the depth sounder influence energy consumption. A device with Down Imaging (DI) or GPS Chartplotter function usually consumes more energy. Bellyboottuning has the right lithium battery for every type of fish finder!

MINI Case Lithium Battery

The Mini Case Lithium Batteries are designed for extreme environment and can be deployed in all weather conditions. Equipped with the best components. The original Anderson Mini Connector provides 12V to the Fish Finder. Also available is a optional Splitter Cable to run two devices from the 12V Connector (blackbox live scope)

Standard Lithium Battery for Kayak and Float Tube Fishing

To power your fish finder economically you can choose for a standards lithium battery. All Fish finder Batteries lithium do have a BMS.