Prepare the VBA Float Expert Bellyboat for deployment

preparing the bellyboat

Preparing a bellyboat? Here is a short movie of how quick and convenient it is to deploy the Float Expert Bellyboat. All rib- ports on the Bellyboat are compatible with the Fasten Star adapte. This means you can relocate different accessories were you want. Leave the side rails of and travel light or fully gear up. Big advantage over other systems is that Fasten rib ports can handle a lot more load en are extremely powerful. For more information and the complete assortment please vist the BORIKA Wesite.

Special Fishingboat Equipment for Inflatables

Fasten Borika is specialized in manufacturing Fishing boat accessories for Kayaks, Bellyboats, Rubberboats, Polyester Boats and Aluminium Fishing boats. Also they offer a wide range of gear for recreational ribs like sunroof and rubber boat ladders.

Preparing a Bellyboat

The Fasten system is perfect for preparing a bellyboat. The system is small and jet very strong. Also extending and adding parts like rod holders or side rails was never been so easy. Furthermore the base rib ports are very easy to install on any type of boat. Choose the correct style mounting pad and glue or screw it to your boat.

Fasten and Bengar Glue

To mount the Base Rib Ports to your bellyboat we recommend the Bengar Adhesive. This glue is specially developed for PVC rubber boats. Also used to build Bellyboats and Rubberboats