Wireless Trolling motor Control, Why?

wireless trolling motor

In this article we will talk about the wireless trolling motor. Since the trolling motor is mounted to the bow of the belly boat, and not reachable to adjust the power setting, you ideally want a remote control to adjust the power from the comfort of your seat. You might considering to remove the original head from the wireless trolling motor because it serves no purpose and could decrease weight and transport dimensions to! In this case you need a external motor controller and remote

Advantages of powering belly boats

Powering belly boats with electric trolling motors is already very popular. It give’s you the possibility to effortless move from one spot to another. Moving over longer distances and discover new fishing spots was never been easier. The trolling motor keeps you on the spot on days when there is more wind without the need of using the flippers anymore. You will need the flippers only for steering the belly boat. Also it is possible to move with a continuous precise speed, present your bait will appear more natural to the fish!

Control systems and differences

Wired analog

Current day there are a many options on the market to power your belly boat. People in the belly boat community build they’re own DIY controllers with relative price worth components from hardware store and circuitboards from China. Just search for 12V motor controller on Google and there is plenty of results that will show up. Most of these controller come with a potentiometer and analog H-bridge controller

analog motor controller

For many belly boat enthousiasts this is a very acceptable option but you need some basic skills and little knowledge of electronics. Also to get a fully working DIY motor controller that can serve on a belly boat you need to add some hardware such as a housing, little box for the potmeter and extend the cables. Soldering the wire’s and add connectors. This option can work very well but it also has it’s disadvantages. For example; Energie efficiency is not very good. Chance of generating unwanted heat that reduce the runtime of your battery. Chance of wire break, bad or loose contacts and corrosion that can cause dangerous situations. Since you are in a Belly Boat you want to avoid this at any time!

cable remote trolling motor

Pros & Cons of Wired analog controllers


Wired stepless controllers are cheap, easy to build and can work with any 12V trolling motor.


Relatively large, inefficient with energie from your battery. Generating heat, specs overrated, max continuous current is a lot lower in many cases. Chance of wire break, short-circuit and damaging your trolling motor.

bad connection trolling motor

Digital PWM controllers

A high quality DC motor controller for wireless trolling motor can increase the runtime significant. Digital controllers have the ability to adjust a lot of parameters such as frequency, output signal and different battery options. They run cooler than any other motor controller and are safe to use with any 12V trolling motor. Build in protection and safety features prevent dangerous situations. These controllers are also very small and can be build into the motor, battery box or external enclosure

digital PWM trolling motor controller

The more expansive controllers are suitable for any type of battery and have dedicated programming options to set the battery type. Since Lithium-ion and LifeP04 are becoming increasingly popular because of the low weight and high energy density a digital PWM controller is a very good choice. If a lithium battery is discharged to its critical point and decrease power automatically to protect the internal cells.

Wireless control

Normal analog controllers for trolling motors can not be controlled wireless very easy. It needs additional electronics and programming etc. The digital PWM controller can be controlled wireless without any modification. Wireless technology prevents the use and unwanted cables in your belly boat. This is more convenient and also more safe. Modern data transfer technology increases the response time and have dedicated programable safety and protection features for safe operation. Chance of Interference is not possible. Controller and remote have unique modulation to prevent this

wireless remote