Fasten System

Fasten boat accessories offers a wide range of mounting options for any type of fishing boat. Weather you are a Kayak or Bellyboat enthousiast, with the parts and accessories from fasten the possibility’s are endless!

Inflatable and non Inflatable Boats

Choose the mounting base for your type of boat and add the desired accessories like rod holders, platforms, lights and more. For PVC inflatable boats like float tubes, Fasten boat accessories offers glue on base pads. For Aluminium, metal, Polycarbonate or wooden boats Fasten offers a screw on type base.

Simple Expansion

Add extension arms and tillable adapters to position your accessories to your likings. Furthermore you can adapt and make your own accessories suitable for the fasten system with universal tillable and/or rotatable adapters! Also adapters to combine accessories from other brands like RAM and Scotty are available.

Better Build Quality

Also all Fasten Parts are made of high quality UV resistant PVC, Polycarbonate materials. Saltwater and shock resistant. Offers maximum stability and also high safety level.