anchoring for boats made easy

Borika Fasten Belly Boat, Kayak and Fishing Boat anchor attachment. Available in different types. The anchor clamp and anchor roller but you can also choose a boat anchor holder that you can tilt. The anchor clamps can hold from 8kg up to 25kg.

Durable Anchor Rope Clamp and Roll

Fasten Borika Anchor Clamps and Anchor Rolls are made of high strength and impact resistant Nylon. The Anchor Rolls Feature a Ball Bearing, the Anchor Roll can Guide Ropes but also Anchor Chains. Deploy and retracting your Boat Anchor has never been easier!

bellyboat anchor roll

Combine Anchor Rope Clamp and Pully

With The Fasten Borika accessories you can mount the anchor rope clamp and or anchor rope pulley anywhere and in any position. Place them in a Fasten Base Rib Port or mont them on a Rail Base Lock and combine the Clam and Roll