fasten borika glue pads

Glue Pad Belly Boat are the base for installing any desired fasten accessory. The Glue-on pads can be mounted on any PVC Boat skin. Installation is easy with the Bengar 1K adhesive. The glue pads are available in two different sizes and two different types. The most common type glue pads are Mp224 and Mp225. The Mp224 has a glue surface of 110mm X 110mm and the Mp225 is a little bigger with 130mm X 130mm Glue surface for heavier load. Both can hold the base Lock Fs219.

fasten base features

glue pad for compact lock

The glue pad belly boat for a compact lock is available in square type and round type. These glue-on pads are made for the compact lock. To install and remove the compact lock there are no tools required. Also the glue- pads for the compact lock are low profile when the lock is removed. This can be convenient during transportation of your belly boat or when a certain accessory is not needed. Just remove the lock and you end up with an almost flat surface.