lighting on you belly boat means visibility to others

A adequate position or navigation light on a kayak or belly boat is often forgotten. Even when you are not fishing or paddling in the dark a certified lighting can make a big difference. In bad weather conditions like rain and fog, a belly boat and kayak lamp makes you in some circumstances 100% more visible to ships and other boat fishermen.

which belly boat lamp do I need?

For navigating at night in a belly boat or kayak you must run a bright, continuous white light. The lamp needs a minimum height of 100 cm measured from the water surface. Bigger boats, sailboats and motorboats need a navigation light (three colour: green, red, white). This wy other water traffic can determine starboard and Portside. Sailing boats with a mast need a top ligt as well, bright white light.

boat toplight with more functions

The Lonako toplight and navigation lights are certified and authorized marine grade lights. The have many functions like SOS signaling, the lamp can output a lot of different  patterns with the 24 Ultra Bright LED and an additional 7 Red and 7 Green LED’s. There is also a standard Light with 24 Bright white LED’s (Lw001) for small vessels like Kayaks and Belly boats (float tubes. All Lonako lights come with a remote, build- inn battery and solar pannel! No charging needed!